Improving the GBA4iOS emulator

The developers of the GBA4iOS emulator application are often hard at work developing new versions and features, some of which sometimes get them in trouble with copyright laws and regulations. The most common sources of trouble over the years have been from apparent infringements of copyright laws especially by Nintendo. They have filed two take down requests forcing the developers to take down their download websites. Despite all this, they still keep going strong –

According to the developer blog, the latest version, the GBA4iOS 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the original coding of the application. The reason for this approach is that originally, the emulator was built with the sole purpose of running on devices without the need for jail breaking. What this means is that it was an edited source code that was very messy. The developers thought adding new features into the fray would be just like adding more and more layers to the mess. The decision to rewrite the whole thing, every single piece of code from the ground up was long overdue. In the beginning, the app was available and only used by developers.

The GBA4iOS 2.0: the complete rewrite

Now, it has gained worldwide appeal, and everyone can download it. This has provided a bigger motivation for the application to be as perfect as possible. There are many little annoying problems that existed because of the scrapped together look of the application code. With a neater look, the developer was able to fix bigger issues in the final look, like the audio skipping.

Another advantage of having newer code is that it is more organized. As such it is easy to understand and changes in the future are easy to make. Also, the new iOS 7 offers new capabilities that developer scan be able to take advantage of with the new code and polish up the design of the emulator.

Some of the initial changes the developer concentrated on included the ability to download ROMs through safari for iOS 6+ and through the in app browse for iOS 7+. The developer also added controller skins and the ability to go either the portrait or landscape way.


Ps3 emulator comes with the best features

Ps3 emulator is the software designed to mimic the functions of other devices and platform. The PS emulator on the computer works as the original Sony PS console and the owner of the computer can start to play the game he wants on the computer as he would have played them on the console. To be able to play these games, you have to download the software, to install it and to make sure that it is configured well.

Decide where to store the ps3 emulator files

Locate a place where you can download the ps3 emulator and after downloading, save it in the hard drive as xbox 360 emulator. The file is available as zipped file. Before you use the file, you have to unzip it. You have to right click on the file and to choose extract the files option. When the extraction has been completed, you will get access to the folders and files which include the plug-in and bios with the executable files.
You can activate the ps3 emulator ability by using the bios files. These are the files that will be used in playing the game on the digital video recorder and Playstation console. You have to download them within your computer so the computer can use them to emulate the console.
You have to install the graphics to ensure that the emulator is able to display the graphics of the game. The plug-in helps the computer to read CD drive so that the sounds can be clear. Even if this may be too complicated, it is going to be convenient way that you can achieve what you want.

Ps3 emulator mimics the original console features on PC

After downloading the files, you will have to run the ps3 emulator. You can press on the skip config button but the experienced user want to go to the config option where he can customize the configuration of the game and to fine tune the performance. Skipping configuration does not affect the emulator in any way and it will work well as far as the plug-ins are in place. To configure the game controller may be different from one program to another one, since it depends on the type of the controller you have.

free 3ds emulator

3DS Emulator Development Progress

The 3ds emulator is the latest emulator that works with Nintendo. It is handheld emulator software and designed for the PC with MAC OS X. It can be used to play an impressive amount of the commercial 3Ds titles together with the demos. The emulator uses the innovative software technology which emulates and which translates the 3D effect screen in the full playable 2D mode. The 3Ds may stimulate 3D effect.

It is simple to have your Free 3ds Emulator Working

It is simple and easy to start to play using the emulator. The package file which is meant to be downloaded is a stand-alone program and it means that there is no need to do the installation, you only have to run a program and to select a game you want and you are ready to start playing. The 3ds emulator is compatible with the Mac Os X only with Window PC. This is because of the demanding features of the Nintendo 3ds. You should need the beefy system in order to run the emulator so that it can work.

Features of 3ds Emulator Software

The main features of 3ds emulator are when the key features are still functioning. The emulator supports the dual screen in 2D mode. The screen resolution of 800×240, the bottom screen resolution which is 320×240. 3D screen implementation but it requires the use of the 3D glasses which is highly experimental. The emulator also has a memory card virtualization and game controller support. It has a game controller support on the PC, good camera and camera emulation.

Emulator development is in a slow process and it needs more patience. But there are many communities that ready to test everything before it is released. In this way, any bug that can affect the game will be fixed. Some of the problems which came out and which are the top priority are when the plug ins are not loading in the right way. After installing the software, you have to run it to see if it works with your computer. By default, the controls are good but you may customize them to be as you like. Since there are many old versions that may not work, make sure that you are downloading the latest 3ds emulator.

Cave Bombers

Cave Bombers for Mac OS X

Cave Bombers for Mac OS X is a fast-paced two-dimensional action game, in which from 2 up to 4 players try to blast each other into pieces using bombs, dynamite, and many more weapons, including the legendary nuclear bomb. While blasting each others to smithereens the players also collect treasures laid in different places on levels. When no friends are nearby, players may entertain themselves with the Puzzle mode. Registered users get the benefit of using level editor and ability to play user-made levels. For more information, have a look at the product details page.



Genre: Puzzle
Version: 1.0.3
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 (10.2 or newer recommended)
Hardware requirements: Any Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.1 support. 300 Mhz G3 or faster recommended.
Disk space: 8.1 Mb

Elasticity is a game of tactics and good luck. When three or more bubbles of same color form a vertical or horizontal line, they disappear, allowing bubbles above them to fall down. You get score from each row you remove, and when the bonus bar on right side of the play field overflows, you advance to the next level. You should try to get as high score as possible. (Chain reactions give a lot of score).

You move a bubble by swapping it with the one above, below, left or right to it. If the move does not form any rows, it is not valid. When you run out of moves (e.g. cannot swap any two bubbles to form any row), the game ends.

If you are confused in the game with xbox360 emulator and don’t find a bubble which you can move, keep your eye on the right side of the screen, where you may see a text “Click here for a hint”. When you click that text, the game gives you hint of a bubble that can be moved. However, each hint requested removes 10% of bonus which is needed to complete the level.

The game features two game modes, the normal mode where you play until you have no moves left, and action mode, in which you must burst bubbles faster than the bonus bar drains.


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